Reset Chip Firmware Samsung CLP-360/CLP-365W

Reset Chip Firmware Samsung CLP-360/CLP-365W
For firmware required reports – supplies and in any case configuration.

To print the report must be clamped stop (orange button with a cross), and consider green signals.
Reset Chip Firmware Samsung CLP-360/CLP-365W
In one blink green – print configuration report, with two – error, if you keep long – printed report about supplies.

So, in order to order the necessary firmware you have the serial number of the printer – from the report. You still need CRUM. Cartridge 4 is known, one can take any. Usually it is black (black).

Next, make out an application, pay for and receive the necessary firmware.
Reset Chip Firmware Samsung CLP-360/CLP-365W

The next step is virtually the same as any other printer in the firmware: turn off all unnecessary, all unnecessary devices USB, the computer, leaving only the printer. For osuschestveleniya firmware Fix drag on the bat file from the archive.

It may well be that the firmware will not work. Then you need to take advantage of the forced mode and flashed it. Forced runs as follows: turn on the printer while holding the button ECHO.

We wait until the printer is reset chip and seal the tape.

Important – disconnect the connector from the bottom is not recommended – the development unit is lost.

All the process of firmware is finished, the machine is running.

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